• Planning Alerts now available on MapAlerter

    This week Roscommon County Council became the first local authority in Ireland to issue weekly planning lists based on geo-location. The Council are now using MapAlerter.com to publish 'Planning Alerts' to people who live near new & updated planning applications. This is a further use of their presence on MapAlerter to communicate information with local members of the public using modern communication channels.

    How it works:

    1. Members of the public register for location-based alerts on MapAlerter.com.
    2. During the registration process members must provide their address details for MapAlerter to accurately represent their home (ie, geocoding).
    3. Roscommon County Council upload the weekly planning list into MapAlerter.com. These planning applications include coordinate information.
    4. MapAlerter compares the locations of registered members with the updated planning applications.
    5. If a person lives within a specified distance of a planning application they will receive an email alert each Friday!
    6. The email contains a variety of information about each planning application including:
    • Planning File Reference
    • Applicant
    • Development Description
    • Application Type & Status
    • Received Date
    • Hyperlink to the Council'™s website for further details on the application.

    A weekly email is sent with a collated summary of all planning applications within a user'™s locality. Therefore if there are 30 planning applications in a given week in Roscommon Town, this will be collated into one email with 30 applications.

    Planning Alerts are an excellent service provided by MapAlerter.com to people in Roscommon. It is hoped that other Councils on MapAlerter.com will start to use Planning Alerts to keep members of the public informed of developments within their area.

    '“ Visit Roscommon County Council'™s page on MapAlerter for further information.

    '“ Get in touch if your local authority wants to send Planning Alerts using MapAlerter.com

    Sample Planning Email Alerts from Roscommon this week, delivered on MapAlerter.com: Planning Applications on MapAlerter.com