• Open Data Solutions using the MapAlerter API

    Apart from the creation of "flat file" formats (eg MapInfo TAB, ESRI Shapefile or Google KML), we deliver open data solutions using more complex databases where dynamic SQL querying is required through a web API request. Therefore you may have your data stored neatly in a MySQL, Oracle or SQL Server table while end users can access it from a simple web URL request! This is our answer to a Web API and we have a demo of this available at https://api.mapalerter.com where we illustrate how you can query Donegal County Council's planning database from the URL. 

    Open Data is a phrase used in everyone's vocabulary these days, and rightly so. Opening up data allows for interaction with 3rd party developers who may even better use your data for other web and mobile applications. In the case of the Donegal example, that data can be used for mobile applications instantly.

    If your government agency wants to open up your data then get in touch. We know all the FME methods to translate our data and our web API is available to you if you want something like the example on our Open Data site. If you want to modify the examples published, then we will be happy to edit our source code to match your desired queries!

  • Pin Point Smartphone App for Community Alert

    Pin Point Alerts are acutely aware of the financial challenges faced by Community Text Alert groups of all sizes. The main expense is the individual of a text message which is at the very heart of "Community Text Alert." With SMS Text message rate facing price increases from the phone networks it meant that groups needed an alternative way to "alert" their subscribers in a cost-effective manner. This is why Pin Point Alerts have developed their very own smartphone app for community text alert. The App is available for Smartphones on the Apple/iOS and Android platforms. The App delivers alerts by bypassing the phone networks, ie, alerts are delivered over the Internet (wifi or data plan) at little or no cost to the group. In fact our Text Alert App alerts are 100% for the first year for all groups using our service. 

    Pin Point Text Alert App for Android and iOS

    The App is very easy to use and there is no effort on the part of the community alert group manager to make sure the App works within a group. Pin Point carry out all the necessary work in the background with the App to make things easy for you. If your subscribers do not own a smartphone then they will get the default SMS text message as normal. However for those of your subscribers who do own a smartphone the App offers an extremely effective way to reduce your running costs for Community Text Alert. The App is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

    The main benefits of the App are as follows:

    1. It is completely free to issue alerts to the App for the first year. After this time App Alerts are charged at just 33% of a standard SMS text message credit. This means you can dramatically reduce your running costs for Text Alert.
    2. App Alerts are delivered over the Internet so we will be quickly able to alert all subscribers, including those with poor mobile coverage but who have wifi at home.
    3. There is no restriction on the length of alerts that are delivered to the App. There is no 160-character limit so your App alerts can be as long as you like at all times.
    4. There is no setup involved - we promote the App and manage it on your behalf.
    5. The App is a free download and is available for Android, iPhone and iPad devices.
    6. You can even embed pictures into App Alerts at no extra cost (see example, above)

    Pin Point Text Alert App for Android and iOS