• Landline Alerts for Community Alert Groups... How to reach ALL subscribers

    After one year providing our Community Text Alert service to groups across Ireland we noticed something very strange: There is a massive requirement by community groups to offer alerts by channels other than SMS Text Message. You might think that this would include a move towards Smartphone Apps and social media sites, but the feedback we received from groups showed that the opposite was true. What groups really want are Landline Alerts!

    It didn't take long for us to figure out the reasoning for this. Many group managers mentioned that the people living in their communities who were most vulnerable to crime were elderly citizens who didn't own a mobile phone (and definitely not a smartphone!). So what groups really wanted was a quick, easy and cost-effective way to contact these community members using landline phone calls. And that is when they contacted Pin Point Alerts to see how we could improve our service to include this feature.

    We developed a new feature in the system whereby group managers can make a phone call to our system (a dedicated Irish landline number) to leave a voice message. We analyse the message and automatically call the subscribers' landline phone numbers and leave them a voice message. So rather than hearing a computerised voice leave a difficult-to-understand message, we allow the group manager to leave a single message with us and we play this message back to elderly citizens.

    The really important thing is that we have automated this task. So as soon as a group manager leaves us a voice message we instantly deliver this to landline subscribers without any delays. Whether it is 5 landlines we need to call or 50, it only takes a minute or so to deliver all these voice messages at the same time.

    There are no costs to set this up for any community alert group who uses the Pin Point Community Text Alert service. We charge a small flat rate to cover this cost for each phone call made (price available upon request) and we do not time the phone call. So if it takes you 1 minutes or 3 minutes to leave your message it doesn't matter to us. There is no cost for the subscriber to pick up the phone and receive these alerts - it is free for people to receive landline alerts from us.

    So while other areas of Pin Point Aerts are developing next generation smartphone applications to meet client needs, Community Text Alert feedback from groups has shown that the best way of contacting vulnerable members of society is through mobile phone and also through the very traditional method of Landline Phone Calls.


    About Pin Point Community Text Alert:

    Pin Point Community Text Alert was established by Pin Point Alerts Ltd during 2013 to coincide with the launch of a national strategy for Community Text Alert. This national strategy was launched in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch,Muintir na Tire and An Garda Siochana.

    If you are already one of the 100+ community alert groups in Ireland using our service then please get in touch and we can activate the Landline Alert feature on your behalf. If you community alert group is not using our service then get in touch and we can guide you through the set up process.

    Contact Pin Point Alerts now and we will supply you with various material about how the Pin Point Community Text Alert service operates.

  • Pin Point Alerts adds Voice Alerts to MapAlerter.com

    Pin Point Alerts Ltd are delighted to announce that MapAlerter.com now includes full Voice Alert capability! This is a natural development for MapAlerter as the service already provides alerts via SMS, Email, Twitter and RSS. When deciding upon new features for MapAlerter in 2011 we figured that Voice Alerts were the only major form of modern instant communication that we hadn'™t covered.

    What are Voice Alerts?

    MapAlerter.com allows people in Ireland to register for a free account to receive instant alerts via SMS/Email/RSS/Twitter. These platforms assume a couple of things: (a) the user has a Mobile Phone, (b) the user has an email address and is 'web savvy'. However we believe that we were alienating a portion of the Irish population, ie, those who do not own a Mobile phone or use the Internet. This demographic largely includes elderly people, ie, the most vulnerable people in society.

    How Voice Alerts are used on MapAlerter.com

    The challenge was to gather location and phone number details from people who were registered on MapAlerter.com. We decided to add a feature to User Accounts so that people can register a number on someone else'™s behalf. This means that a User can register the Landline number and Google Map coordinates of their parent or elderly family member. Users are free to receive Voice Alerts for their own Landline, however they will already receive any alert via SMS, Email, Twitter and RSS as standard!

    Voice Alerts om MapAlerter.com

    Voice Alert Usage Policy

    We do not want users on MapAlerter.com to receive Voice Alerts for every alert, as this would be overkill and the importance of this feature would be diminished. Therefore we are restricting Voice Alerts for the following Alert categories which are deemed to be potential emergencies:

    1. Flood Alerts
    2. Severe Weather Warnings
    3. Major Emergencies & Natural Hazards
    4. Water Service Disruptions (where Boil Water notifications are in effect)

    Register on MapAlerter.com now and you can receive Voice Alerts for your location!