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  • SchoolAlerts.ie - Cost effective system for communicating with parents

    Pin Point Alerts provides SchoolAlerts.ie to schools across Ireland

    Pin Point Alerts has developed an innovative service called SchoolAlerts.ie which allows schools to contact parents using familiar smartphone apps for free.

    The idea for SchoolAlerts.ie came about after schools were in touch with Pin Point Alerts after Storm Ophelia and Storm Emma, when they incurred huge SMS costs alerting parents about various updates. They were upset at paying a high cost for communications during a time when it was urgently required in a Level Red Weather Warning. We developed School Alerts as a way for schools to contact parents outside of traditional SMS using app-based push notifications which are free. This means that schools can send as many alerts to parents as they require, and they aren't penalised for any heavy usage during storms.

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    Some important points about SchoolAlerts.ie:

    • SchoolAlerts.ie is offered as an affordable annual service plan for schools, with individual alerts free.
    • Alerts can be targeted to the entire school, individual classes or individual parents.
    • There are no costs for parents to register or to get alerts through any apps.
    • We offer a price comparison tool against standard bulk-SMS service providers. You can view our Pricing here.
    • The service is designed with the school principal and secretary in mind, and is very easy to use. Any school can create an account and test the system at no cost.
    • The registration process takes seconds. All we need is your Roll ID and we can join the dots and get your contact details from there. 
    • Available 24:7 from any location and on any device.

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