Congratulations to Wexford County Council - More Awards!

Congratulations to Wexford County Council who were recently awarded by Chambers Ireland as the winner of the 2012 award for Best Local Government Technology Innovation for their use of! It's been a great year for Wexford Local Authorities who were awarded earlier this year for their use of at the eGovernment Awards.

The success of is a combined effort from staff at Wexford Local Authorities and from the public within the county who have provided valuable feedback about the service during the year. Wexford County Council are now issusing alerts for a variety of topics such as Severe Weather Warnings, Flood Alerts, Road Works, Water Disruptions and many more.

MapAlerter presented to the AGI, Nottingham (Sept. 2012)

We recently showcased MapAlerter at the recent AGI conference in Nottingham. The aim of the presentation was to bring attention to our service and the impending launch of Our slide deck is included below. If you are interested in using MapAlerter or a white-labelled equivalent for your government agency then please get in toucb and we can talk you through the process. It is quick to clone and re-deploy MapAlerter for any agency (government, utility companies, flood alert agencies) and we would be delighted to provide you with our technology.

Click here to learn more about MapAlerter and to view a live demo

Planning Alerts now available on MapAlerter

This week Roscommon County Council became the first local authority in Ireland to issue weekly planning lists based on geo-location. The Council are now using to publish 'Planning Alerts' to people who live near new & updated planning applications. This is a further use of their presence on MapAlerter to communicate information with local members of the public using modern communication channels.

How it works:

  1. Members of the public register for location-based alerts on
  2. During the registration process members must provide their address details for MapAlerter to accurately represent their home (ie, geocoding).
  3. Roscommon County Council upload the weekly planning list into These planning applications include coordinate information.
  4. MapAlerter compares the locations of registered members with the updated planning applications.
  5. If a person lives within a specified distance of a planning application they will receive an email alert each Friday!
  6. The email contains a variety of information about each planning application including:
  • Planning File Reference
  • Applicant
  • Development Description
  • Application Type & Status
  • Received Date
  • Hyperlink to the Council'™s website for further details on the application.

A weekly email is sent with a collated summary of all planning applications within a user'™s locality. Therefore if there are 30 planning applications in a given week in Roscommon Town, this will be collated into one email with 30 applications.

Planning Alerts are an excellent service provided by to people in Roscommon. It is hoped that other Councils on will start to use Planning Alerts to keep members of the public informed of developments within their area.

'“ Visit Roscommon County Council'™s page on MapAlerter for further information.

'“ Get in touch if your local authority wants to send Planning Alerts using

Sample Planning Email Alerts from Roscommon this week, delivered on Planning Applications on

Open Data Solutions using the MapAlerter API

Apart from the creation of "flat file" formats (eg MapInfo TAB, ESRI Shapefile or Google KML), we deliver open data solutions using more complex databases where dynamic SQL querying is required through a web API request. Therefore you may have your data stored neatly in a MySQL, Oracle or SQL Server table while end users can access it from a simple web URL request! This is our answer to a Web API and we have a demo of this available at where we illustrate how you can query Donegal County Council's planning database from the URL. 

Open Data is a phrase used in everyone's vocabulary these days, and rightly so. Opening up data allows for interaction with 3rd party developers who may even better use your data for other web and mobile applications. In the case of the Donegal example, that data can be used for mobile applications instantly.

If your government agency wants to open up your data then get in touch. We know all the FME methods to translate our data and our web API is available to you if you want something like the example on our Open Data site. If you want to modify the examples published, then we will be happy to edit our source code to match your desired queries!

Limerick County Council now using

Limerick County Council is now an official alerter on This means that if you live or work in County Limerick then you can receive alerts directly from the Council as soon as they are issued through free of charge.

From the January 18th 2012 Limerick County Council will be issuing Text Message, Email and Landline alerts for the following categories:

  • Water Service Alerts (SMS, Email and Landline alerts for Water Service Interruptions, Burst Mains or Boil Water Notification)
  • Scheduled Major Road Works and Road Closures (SMS and Email will include affected areas and offer advice on diversions)
  • Flood Alerts (If there is a risk of flooding for a specific area then you will receive SMS and Email alerts immediately)
  • Major Road Accidents and Incidents (This includes SMS and Email Alerts for major road accidents which will cause serious traffic disruption)
  • Other Alerts (These will be used for local events in County Limerick, eg. Festivals, Parades, Spraoi, etc.)

We are delighted to provide for Limerick County Council and based on our experience with other Councils we are confident that they will be very satisfied with the growing list of features on

Does your Council want to send Location-based SMS, Email and Phone alerts to people within your administrative area?

Get in touch with us and we will guide you through the process.

Remember, we also have and we are looking for Early Adopters to help with the rollout!