Pin Point Alerts provide MapAlerter to local authorities acossIreland

MapAlerter is provided as a cloud service at the domain. This is styled distinctively using a MapAlerter theme and does not include any unique branding for any specific local authority. However it is possible to use the white-labelled MapAlerter service to ensure that MapAlerter is deployed at your organisation with your CSS and style templates.

MapAlerter is currently deployed as a white-labelled service at two Irish local authorities:

MapAlerter for Fingal County Council


MapAlerter for Cork County Council


MapAlerter homepage

Some benefits of deploying the White-Labelled MapAlerter service:

  • Full branding to suit the styles appearance of the main Council website. In terms of user experience, this is a major advantage for any visitor who may have been confused by any links between a Council's website and's green theme.
  • For white-labelled MapAlerter deployments the Council decides what categories are visible and utilised. If your Council does not use "Flood Alerts", for example, then this category can be completely disabled. However on all categories are visible.
  • Custom development can be carried out on white-labelled solutions to suit the individual needs of each Council. Custom development may not always be possible on
  • Email alerts delivered from white-labelled solutions are also fully branded and styled for each Council.
  • A Vanity URL also is possible. For example if you want to maintain a "" address then this can be set up. Cork's URL is