1. The Alert List Screen
Alerts "beep in" like normal text messages and appear in a list structure. It is possible to share alerts with others using common social media, email and SMS links. Full information on any alert will appear by tapping the "View Details" button for any alert.

The Alert List Screen

2. The Alert Detail Screen
Each alert includes a lot of information include category information graphics and the alert date. A web map also appears to illustrate the extents of any given alert. Full alert text information appears underneath the map.

The Alert Detail Screen

3. The Main Menu Screen
The App is designed with simplicity in mind and there are a small number of clear buttons used for navigating the App from the main menu.

The Main Menu Screen

4. The Update Categories Screen
MapAlerter users can decide what alert categories interest them and can switch off any categories that do not interest them at the tap of a button.

The Update Categories Screen

5. The Update Location Screen
Location is the key to MapAlerter's success and users can quickly define Home and Work location points through the App. The GPS feature of the smartphone is enabled to ensure that a user is quickly centred on their current location as a useful starting location. It is simply a case of dragging the red icon to customize the user's location.

The Update Location Screen