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Pin Point Alerts have developed an innovative service called iVOTER that allows candidates to communicate with potential voters during election campaigns. This is a free smartphone app for Android and iOS platforms that can present a candidate's mandate as well as allow the candidate to communicate with prospective voters using push notification alerts. Candidates have the ability to issue notifications to voters right up to polling day so there are no restrictions with any moratoriums. iVOTER offers a modern and cost-effective way for candidates to communicate with voters.

The idea for iVOTER came about after a recent election where we noticed how many campaign flyers came through our door. What was more appraent was how many of us completely ignored them. Eventually when polling day came around none of us really knew much about our candidates. By ignoring each candidate's flyer we had no idea about policies, history or voting record. So we decided there should be an "App for that" and iVOTER was born. 

 iVOTER for UK General Election 2015

Some important points about the iVOTER technology and service:

  • iVOTER can be delivered as a white-labelled solution for private elections (trade unions, colleges, private industry, etc). A locked down login system is implemented for white-labelled offerings of iVOTER where only certain people can use the App. Get in touch if you require a smartphone election service and we can discuss how this is implemented
  • The iVOTER technology also acts as a leading Polling and Surveying tool during election campaigns. Submissions from App users are anonymised, aggregated and made available to 3rd parties. A mock election feature also exists at a constituency level which also generates useful user metrics on the app. This is an especially useful feature for local media agencies looking for local polling results rather than regional or national results from bigger polling companies.
  • iVOTER will be available for all elections in the UK General Election, 2015. This includes England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. If you are a candidate looking to boost your profile to younger voters using the iVOTER App then get in touch and we can upload your profile to the app.
  • iVOTER is built on extremely scalable technology and will be available for many elections around the world from 2015 onwards. This includes internal party elections in the USA such as primaries and other candidate selection races.
  • iVOTER app users can quickly drill into their own constituency. This makes it extremely easy to locate their candidates and learn about them. So when candidates wish to issue push notifications to prospective voters it means that iVOTER knows exactly who should receive your messages.

iVOTER is available for all Android devices from Version 4 and above. it is available for all iOS devices running version 7 and above. iVOTER ios optimized for tablets and smartphones. The tablet version resembles a ballot paper and receives wide praise from users in terms of the overall user experience.

We encourage all candidates running for elected office to consider office. The push notifications for iVOTER make it a far superior to communicate with voters. With Android and iOS accounting for 98% of the smartphone market it means that iVOTER reaches the majority of your audience, particularly younger voters who may never read your printed flyer that was costly to produce.

 David Cameron's profile for UK General Election 2015 on iVOTER