Pin Point Alerts provide MapAlerter to local authorities acossIreland

Pin Point Alerts are keen to partner with local Web, IT and GIS companies to distribute MapAlerter to international markets. The company is particularly keen to explore partnership opportunities across Europe. Get in touch if your company is keen to act as a regional distributor of MapAlerter services. 

There are many attractive benefits for partnering with Pin Point Alerts Ltd to promote MapAlerter for international markets. An attractive revenue share agreement exists between both companies. Marketing and localization services are typically provided by the partner company while Pin Point Alerts provide all technical, development and support services. Pin Point Alerts Ltd retain all intellectual property for MapAlerter services.

MapAlerter for Switzerland

Basic Requirements for prospective MapAlerter affiliate partners:

  • The partner company must have a history of trading with at least 3 local authority portfolio clients that have  existed for long term projects or service level agreements.
  • The prospective partnership company should have the correct legal status for its jurisdiction (eg, Ltd, GmbH, etc). 
  • The affiliate company should have at least one project manager or client relationship manager that is a fluent English speaker. This person should be the sole nominated point of contact for any business relationship. A video interview will be conducted with prospective business contacts.
  • CVs of all staff working as part of a MapAlerter business relationship should be provided to Pin Point Alerts Ltd along with LinkedIn profiles. This includes project management, sales and technical staff.
  • A Tax Clearance certificate along with a current set of company financial statements should be made available to Pin Point Alerts. 
  • Details of in-house developed products or details of 3rd party products in similar partnership agreements should be made available to Pin Point Alerts.
  • Pin Point Alerts will assess partnership requests on a case by case basis. Any additional information that you feel will assist your application should also be presented.

You can email any proposals to "partnerships @" and you will receive a response shortly afterwards.