Pin Point Alerts Ltd are delighted to announce that now includes full Voice Alert capability! This is a natural development for MapAlerter as the service already provides alerts via SMS, Email, Twitter and RSS. When deciding upon new features for MapAlerter in 2011 we figured that Voice Alerts were the only major form of modern instant communication that we hadn'™t covered.

What are Voice Alerts? allows people in Ireland to register for a free account to receive instant alerts via SMS/Email/RSS/Twitter. These platforms assume a couple of things: (a) the user has a Mobile Phone, (b) the user has an email address and is 'web savvy'. However we believe that we were alienating a portion of the Irish population, ie, those who do not own a Mobile phone or use the Internet. This demographic largely includes elderly people, ie, the most vulnerable people in society.

How Voice Alerts are used on

The challenge was to gather location and phone number details from people who were registered on We decided to add a feature to User Accounts so that people can register a number on someone else'™s behalf. This means that a User can register the Landline number and Google Map coordinates of their parent or elderly family member. Users are free to receive Voice Alerts for their own Landline, however they will already receive any alert via SMS, Email, Twitter and RSS as standard!

Voice Alerts om

Voice Alert Usage Policy

We do not want users on to receive Voice Alerts for every alert, as this would be overkill and the importance of this feature would be diminished. Therefore we are restricting Voice Alerts for the following Alert categories which are deemed to be potential emergencies:

  1. Flood Alerts
  2. Severe Weather Warnings
  3. Major Emergencies & Natural Hazards
  4. Water Service Disruptions (where Boil Water notifications are in effect)

Register on now and you can receive Voice Alerts for your location!

'Over the years, we have found the technology to be extremely reliable and easy to use and are very satisfied with the high level of support and the continuous enhancements provided.'

Ms. Catherine Kavanagh, Wexford County Council, Customer

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